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Need to be paired with a Kangook paramotor

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The KX1 cart is without a doubt the most versatile cart in the world.

It is the only trike that can be flown in the following configurations: Solo option, bucket seat option (Komfort) in 3 or 4 wheels (Kuad) or as pendulum (Delta). Entirely constructed with T6 Aluminum, this trike will provide you with all the comfort and safety you deserve.

Think modularity, think Kangook!


Weight of the different options compatible with the KX1 trike

KX1 trike base (without fork): 5.1 kg
Standard fork with large aluminum wheels (and drum brake): 4.5 kg
KX1 + Komfort kit: 27 kg
KX1 + Tandem kit (with spacers) (without harness): 19.5 kg
Tandem KX1 Kit: 3.1 kg
KX1 trike + Solo kit (3 aluminum wheels): 17 kg
KX1 trike + Solo kit (KUAD option – 4 aluminum wheels): 18.5 kg
Komfort kit (only): 11.5 kg


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