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Maximum safety is no longer a goal – it has become a reality. With the new Octagon 2 your emergency parachute landings will be smooth, controlled and much more docile, thanks to reduced oscillation and an incredibly low descent rate.

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For many pilots the emergency parachute is an essential element of their flying equipment and it is a complex decision which type to purchase. Until now. Thanks to our collaboration with Vital Parachutes – a leading brand in the design and manufacture of parachutes – the Octagon 2 is one of the most advanced and safest parachutes on the market due to the evolution of its already famous and distinctive octagonal design. The best features and the latest technology are combined to increase the pilot’s options to the maximum

Innovative design without equal

The revolutionary octagonal design offers the best emergency solution for the pilot: a smooth, controlled descent with high stability. Its unique shape guarantees a quick deployment, it maximises the benefits of the parachute and is also lightweight and comfortable to carry.

Direct descent without oscillation

The incorporation of a stabilisation system into the octagonal design results in an oscillation rate between 0 to 5º – well below the current average rate between 10 to 15º. With such small oscillation, the pilot avoids the pendulum effect during the descent and the risk of accelerating the fall is absolutely zero. Undoubtedly, one of the most stable parachutes in the world.

A gentle return to earth

For that moment when a smooth landing is the most important thing. Thanks again to its octagonal design with a greater aerodynamic area, the reduction of the pendulum effect, the minimisation of down-planing when the paraglider is still open and an excellent braking surface, the Octagon 2 is a parachute with a low descent rate of only 4.8 m/s, meaning smooth and completely safe contact with the ground.

Packing the parachute is made easier thanks to the packing loops

Packing is easier and fast, for the benefit of the pilot. The Octagon 2 has a packing mechanism based on the integration and use of packing loops, a system that provides safety and efficiency when correctly folding your parachute after use, as well as for a better aeration and elimination of static electricity.

In summary, the Octagon 2 offers maximum safety and reliability in an emergency situation, thanks to the revolutionary octagonal design that elevates its performance to the highest level. With the Octagon 2, the best features and the latest technology are combined to increase the pilot’s options to the maximum.


OCTAGON 2 80 (S) 100 (M) 120 (L) 140 (XL) 170 (XXL) 215 (TANDEM)
Load range 60-80 Kg 80-100 Kg 100-120 Kg 120-140 Kg 140-170 Kg 170-215
Canopy area 24,11 m2 29,59 m2 35,63 m2 41,49 m2 52,49 m2 60,02 m2
Canopy weight 1,16 Kg 1,40 Kg 1,62 Kg 1,85 Kg 2,65 Kg 3,14 Kg
Oscillation 0-5º 0-5º 0-5º 0-5º 0-5º 0-5º
Descent rate 4.8 m/sec 4.8 m/sec 4.8 m/sec 4.8 m/sec 4.8 m/sec 4.8 m/sec
Packing volume* 3.9 L 4.9 L 6.1 L 6.5 L 9.1 L 10.9 L
Certification EN 12491:2001 EN 12491:2001 EN 12491:2001 EN 12491:2001 EN 12491:2001 EN 12491:2001


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