Niviuk Qubik’s review

Here is my review of the Niviuk Qubik 19m.
If you are looking for stability, safety and predictability, you’ll be well served!

Paramotor : Kangook X-Lite / Atom80. 85kgs all-up weight.

This is not a professionnal review, just an average guy who flies with passion!
I’ve flown a couple of wing before this one : Estive, ITV Boxer, ITV Billy, APCO Force 2 and MacPara Colorado.

CONCEPTION:  At first sight, I was really impressed! Fabric is nice and super crispy, the cells (ribs section) are strong and really thin. Qubik comes with sheated lines all the way down to the risers. As for the risers, they are well made, easy to manipulate in the air, no 2D steering on it but you have a Tip Steering handle for longer flights when you want to rest your arms. Main brake toggle is secured to the risers via magnets and a clip for the Tip Steering handle. I would have prefered a stronger magnet tho. “A’s” are easily identified due to their bright green fabrics patches, thus they comes handy at take-off, providing a better grip. 

INFLATION AND KITING:  I was surprised how easy kitting and inflating Qubik in comparision to other wings. It doesn’t have tendancy to overshoot, it stays right above you without any pilots inputs. The glider is really stable and predictable, thus making launches a piece of cake! A beginner won’t have any difficulties kitting and inflating this wing. Sligtht pressure in the “A’s” and she’s up.

As you can see here, Cynthia and Greg has no issues kitting the Qubik for the fisrt time!

TAKE OFF: Take off with the Qubik in almost to none / nil wind days is quite easy. As a light guy, I like to take 2 or 3 steps back into the wings, it gives me a better impulsion. When the glider starts raising from the ground, slightly rolling your wrists increases the pressures in the A’s, is only what it takes. Hands up, then a small pressure on brakes and your off the grounds.

Taking off in a 3mph wind, once I’ve stabilized my wing, about 20 feets and I am off the ground with a slight pressure on brake.

FLIGHT: During flight, the Qubik feels extremely solid. It takes with ease whatever the pilot or weather throw at it. Flying in gusty weather? No problems, trim in for maximum safety. The speed range is excellent, 37 to 58km/h trimmed out, making the Qubik an excellent glider for XC flying. I didn’t had the chance to fly with the speedbar. The stability is second-to-none. It recovers by itself from partial collapse easily. I’ve tested 1/3 partial collapse and it recovered like a charm without any input.

WING OVERS, SPIRAL & STEEP TURN : You’ll be able to push your limits with the Qubik. Being very predictable, you can push and still feel safe under the glider. I’ve found it very reactive to weight shift when you want to enter into a steep turn, wing over or spiral. It carves and crank & bank nicely. Keeping a bit of pressure on the opposite side give you the opportunity to control the angle of the glider.

LANDING:  Landing is quite easy with the Qubik. I usually land on neutral trim or the first line passed the neutral, giving you the ability for a nice swoop landing. At neutral trim, it provides you with plenty of flare authority.

OVERALL : In resume, I really liked the Qubik. Stability, safety, predictability are its Pro’s. I would love to see Niviuk offering the Qubik with 2D steering option. I would add more depth into your flying, thus giving an other dimension to pilot the glider but still, a more than excellent wing for you everyday flying!