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E-PROPS PLUG’n’FLY propeller 2-blades for paramotor / paratrike (PPG)
Model for engine : Simonini Mini4 reducer 1:2.41 /2.66

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E-PROPS carbon propeller for paramotor, fixed pitch PLUG’n’FLY   2-blade model
Propeller designed for the engine : EOS Engine EOS 150 reducer 1:3.5

Number of propeller blades : 2
Diameter : 125 cm
Drilling pattern : 6 M6 d50mm (6 screws dia 6 mm on a circle 50 mm diameter)
Central hole : diameter 25 mm
Total mass of the propeller = 530 g

SCIMITAR design : evolutive swept wing (stability and safety, noise reduction)
Configuration : propulsive
Rotation sense : Left (counterclockwise), seen in the wind made by the propeller

100% carbon braid : Helical Continuous Fibers
Leading edge protection with Nanostrength® shock additive
ASTM F2506-13 certified propellers

Each blade of the propeller has a unique serial number => possibility to change a single blade if necessary
Propeller delivered ready-to-install, without screws and bolts
The PLUG’n’FLY propellers are attached to the motor by screws (number and diameter of the screws according to the model) which tighten an aluminium