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The strap can be set up for both left and right handed use but switched later

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Since its inception, Off-Grid Aviation has been dedicated to promoting a safer and more enjoyable flying experience for all pilots.

Over the years, many companies have worked to improve the comfort and safety of wings, motors, and frames. Their throttle design was fueled by the frustration that many pilots face when trying to purchase a quality aftermarket throttle with cruise control.

They began designing our throttle in September 2019. Off-Grid Aviation was officially founded in March 2020. Finally, in Spring 2021, the throttle became commercially available worldwide.

Pilots in over 30 countries are now enjoying the benefits of convenient cruise control.

3D printed prototype being tested in Arizona

3D printed prototype being tested in Arizona

Ergonomics was at the forefront of their development process. Although several methods of operation exist, their throttle was designed to be controlled by the fourth and fifth fingers, with a curved portion at the end for the middle finger. This keeps the thumb and index fingers free to easily manage brakes.

The throttle has a comfortable foam grip and a high quality elastic strap to ensure a secure fit. The adjustable strap can be attached to the left or right side, according to pilot preference.


Every Off-Grid Aviation throttle is equipped with a unique cruise control system that is unlike any other on the market. It can be quickly set, adjusted, and disabled by the pilot.

When the cruise control is activated, the pilot can use the adjustment wheel to finely tune the system to achieve the desired engine RPM.

Pilots can quickly disengage the cruise control mechanism by slightly pressing the throttle lever, allowing for safer control of the aircraft.

After the cruise control is disabled, the internal mechanism remains in the last used position. This allows the pilot to quickly resume the previous setting during subsequent flights.

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