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X Curve The Steerable Rogallo


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The X-CURVE is a steerable Rogallo rescue which captivates with their light weight, small pack size, simple method of packing with pack loops and the variable riser length “loop in riser”. There is the possibility of pre-braking, therefor the brake|steering lines will be shortened while packing, this reduce the forward speed (normal state of delivery is pre-braked).

We use only quality materials like COUSIN TRESTEC & LIROS (lines) and UTT (fabric) in order to achieve a unique product. All the materials used are produced in EUROPE. Sophisticated and modern manufacturing methods after ISO 9001 guarantee the HIGHEST QUALITY and durability.

The X-CURVE offers

  • very simplified method to pack with pack loop
  • very small pack size
  • lines are separated from stowed canopy
    (minimizes the possibility of line loops, optimizing the process of opening)
  • extremely low weight
  • high-quality material mix of Dyneema and porosity stable, water resistent 26g fabric
  • extremely fast opening time
  • “Loop In Riser – technology” variable length of riser from 93 cm up to 130 cm for all possible harness sizes and frontcontainer use
  • on the X-CURVE you have the possibility of pre-braking


max. load 130 kg
number of panels 16
weight of parachute 1,70 kg
surface 37,4 m²
number of lines 18
number of centerlines 9 x 2
sinkrate at max. load 3,1 – 3,5 m|s
certification LTF | EN
certification LTF RG 074.2013
container size L 25cm| B 23cm | H 12cm
container volume 5300 cm³
systemlength without riser 6,67 m
max. area load 3,48 kg | m ²



  • Delcotex
  • UTT


  • Cousin Trestec
  • Liros


  • Güth & Wolf


  • Topp Textil


  • Amann


  • Wichard



for X-dream Fly rescue series from 2015 on
Newly developed 4-leaf container leaves nothing to be desired. Very compact design with separate line compartment for a quick and safe opening. Main riser is large enough to loop the rescue through the V-belt.

Line compartment
Separated line compartment for a problem-free stretching of the lines and an optimized opening of the canopy. First, the lines are released and with the last line loop the cap is opened from the container only. This construction supports a maximum throwing power. The separated line compartment to the canopy also has another important reason. The coating of the dyneema lines is spared and a possible stick together with the fabric of the canopy is prevented.

Connecting loops rescue handle | container
On the container itself, several connecting loops are sewn on to ensure a maximum compatibility to the harnesses on the market. The main shipping binding loop was to allow triangle designed to a still better and kraftlosere release.

New closure system of the cover sheet
The cover sheet is closed with a plastic stick or also known as Rigid Foil. The end of the cover sheet and the plastic stick itself is tucked into a flap of the container. With this construction we do not have anymore a disturbing line bundle on top of the deployment bag that could impair the opening of the rescue out of the harness container.

Numbering of the container leaves
The individual container sheets are numbered in order to be folded 1-5.

Fully synthetic rubber bands
All X-dream Fly rescue devices are delivered with fully synthetic rubber bands from mid-2015 on.
To get the maximum and proved X-dream Fly quality we decided to equip all our rescues with this rubber bands. The advantage of this rubber bands is a longer life and less sensitivity to humidity.


X-dream Fly rescue series 2012-2015


By looping an extension on both risers, you can increase the length of the mainriser from 93cm up to 130cm.
Thus we can achieve a maximum of compatibility from front container use to XL harness with shoulder attachment.

Montage Loop In Riser | Pre Brake Loop

Packing TOOL & Packing BOARD

Bring the lines on tension, thus facilitating the entire packing process.

Opening Sequence X-CURVE

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