Our new 125 cc engine is ready

Widening our engine range, and following our modern and original design, we are glad to introduce the BLACKBEE. As all our CORS-AIR engines, Black Bee is reliable, with high performances, and projected with great care for details, targeted primarily to pilots who are looking for a light engine, with low fuel consumption, and performances that allow them to have fun with the new Reflex paragliders.

Weight, complete with exhaust, airbox and four rubber mounts included kg. 13



The N80 engine was born from a completely new project, without compromises, using only the best materials, and the excellence of our territory, in collaboration with one of the best Italian aeronautical companies, Air-Italy srl. A small unit, with great performance. Thrust displayed 53 kg with propeller of 130 cm at 9900 rpm.

Weight, exhaust, airbox and four rubber mounts included kg. 10,5


Technical Specifications N80

2-stroke cycle
Displacement 78 cc.
Bore 47.5
Stroke 44
Forced Air Cooling, with double fan and carbon cooling shroud
Manual Start / Flash Starter
Reduction Poly belt v / ratio 1: 3.75
Counterclockwise rotation
Crankcase casted in alloy G-Al-Si 9 uni 3051 / treated and anodized
Malossi NHR Replica cylinder kit with customized specifications for Cors-Air Motors
Malossi NHR Double Ring Piston
Diaphragm Carburetor, Walbro WB 46
NGK BR9ES spark plug
Fuel Blend 95/100 Octane Petrol with 100% Synthetic 2.2% Oil
Motor weight 10.5 kg
Power 17 CV at 9900 RPM
Static thrust 53 Kg with propeller of 130 cm at 9900 RPM